X Factor

I love the X Factor. Who in the UK doesn’t? Tonight was the first live show of X Factor 2011. 3 of the 4 judges are new, and while I thought I would miss the old ones, I’m loving Kelly Rowland, Tulisa and Gary Barlow. Even Louis seems more objective having told one of his own acts to up his game.

The thing I love about the X Factor, similar to what I love about football, is that it unites the nation. The majority of the country is watching every Saturday and Sunday night and, if they aren’t, they’re reading about the weekend’s happenings in the papers on Monday morning. Those who haven’t watched are ostracized from all conversations that take place in the office until lunchtime. During the show, six out of the ten trending topics consistently had to do with X Factor as tweeters all over the UK stayed in on Saturday night to watch. For three months starting tonight, Saturday night plans across the nation will be dictated by the timing of the show. Parties will be scheduled for Friday nights, plans on Saturdays won’t start until 10pm and Sundays will be a lot more productive thanks to the lack of hangovers.

The X Factor has not only stolen the hearts of those in the UK, but many in the US as well (and I’m not talking about the US version). My sister comes to visit every year for Thanksgiving and I was already given my orders at the beginning of September to tape every episode for her to watch all in a row during the week she’s here at the end of November. A friend who lived here for the three months that coincided with X Factor 2009 refuses to watch the US version as she remains loyal to the original.

Tonight’s episode was an exciting start to the new season, excellent new judges and talented new acts.

Do you dare make a prediction already?

    • Nicole
    • October 10th, 2011

    The thing I love about X Factor UK is the unprecedented talent. Long live Jedward!

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